Venster Crack

Ollie led us on an expedition up a very steep, exposed route above Kirstenbosch. After blagging our way past the security to get to the residential area, Ollie, Toby, Kate, Jo and I hiked up to the contour path and round to the left, then straight up a rock slide to the rock face, where the serious climb began.

Starting with a fairly exposed traverse around a rock over a 5m drop, and quickly progressing to 70-80 degree climbs up a narrow crack, one at a time, due to the very loose rocks. The route has ropes, and is a manageable climb- if you can ignore the 10 to 15m drop and the rocks falling from above. Aside from the ropes, the route is unmarked – probably a good thing as it is the most dangerous route I have tried!

Once halfway up the rockface, the little gorge ends and we forced our way through the spiky plants to get a magnificent view of the scenery, then a long slog uphill through fynbos to the top, where we reached the top.

A quick swim in the dam – very quick due to the temperature – and we were on the Bar-room Shuffle back down

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