creatively Flamjangled

When one has good friends who put on the best parties in Cape Town (the family Tacon), it’s one’s duty to add some personal flavour and get creatively involved  – aka roped in with a little party prep!

Ant and I found ourselves spending a weekend in March transforming Bubble (the delightful and formerly pink VW Beetle, owned by a pair of equally delightful Finnish party girls). Bubble plays the honourable role of chief marketing “art” car for the Flamjangled Tea Party… a colourful, musical, magical carnival, now 2 years running.

Having access to insider secrets like the official Pantone colours of the 2011 Flamjangled poster design (and other nerdy stuff) made the job a little easier – and, would you believe, you can have actual Pantone colours mixed as car paint. It’s true… These are the guys: Paint Chemistry C C‎, 232 Voortrekker Road. Brilliant!

So we got our delicious turquoise, cream and chocolate brown car paint perfectly mixed, a compressor, masks, acetate for making stencils, NT cutters and a design idea together and headed for our friend Ofir’s house to refashion Bubble. The three of us masked, sprayed, cut stencils and transformed him to his new-fangled, Flamjangled, foxy self! See for yourselves…

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