Hello Mumbai!

a & J: Well, we’re in Mumbai – it’s crazy. Crazy. Crazy. Colour,
noise, smell (from incense and spice to all things NOT nice). We’re staying at a Hare Krishna ashram, which means that there is constant chanting and bells – and guests are invited to the 4:30am start of the day’s worship. We arrived at midnight, entering the
cacophony of noise that is this city. ‘Honk OK Please’ is the mantra of every truck, taxi and car (and written on the back of most of them in garish colour). Auto rickshaw is the preferred mode of transport. Several drivers/cowboys have tried to kill us. We
think that South African Taxi drivers take a crash course
(literally) in Mumbai before they qualify for Cape Town. It’s quite
a ride! The other way to get around is by train, which has its own
thrills and challenges. Like crowd-surfing. We’re masters! Pics to
follow soon, this PC cant do images!

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